CHILI ATV, From Italy to the World !




1).Chili ATV fits he powerful CVT engine. Fully automatic transmission. 270.5cc water cooling vertical cylinder can go much deep water.
With EEC approval limit, Italian PEDA MOTOR engine can reach max.power 17KW/23HP and max torque 24.5Nm.

2). CHILI 330,CHILI 330R is a large size ATV, with size 2050*1100*1260mm and wheelbase 1250mm. Enough space for 2 people and luggage on the front rear rack.

3). CHILI ATV equipped with beautiful all LED lights, front light looks aggressive and technological. Rear light is so elegant and fashion.

4). Very few existing market ATVs equip such a nice and big screen dashboard like CHILI ATV.
You can choose TFT luxurious version or LED basic version.

5). Front and Rear all installed disc brake on CHILI ATV. Rear hitch ball is standard equipped on both CHILI 330 or CHILI330R. Front winch is optional.

6). Handguard hand grip protector is standard for all CHILI ATV. Engine by Italy PEDA POWER SPORTS is automatic shift with high low gear and reverse. Big seat of CHILI ATV is so comfortable for 2 people the rider and passenger because of the long and wide size. Seat back rest is available for CHILI330 as well CHILI 330R.

7). CHILI ATV optional Steel rim or luxurious Aluminum (alloy) rim. Tire option 10inc or 12inch.And big size tire Front AT24*8-10 or AT24*8-12. Rear AT24*10-10 or AT24*10-12.

8). Front and Rear functional and nice plastic rack.You can put CHILI ATV accessories big luggage box. Rear side a storage box.