CHILI 330 Rent Version to Asia

CHILI ATV, From Italy to the World !

CHILI 330 Rent Version to Asia

Following the open of many countries after covid19, CHILI rent version is starting popular in many countries and people like the high performance,solid building,durable quality and 2 seats.
If you want to know more about CHILI ATV by PEDA POWER SPORT,please check this video,

1). CHILI 330 is TOP 5 300cc ATV,one of the best looking ATV!
2). CHILI 330 ATV,EEC,EURO5,COC,T3B homologation, 2023 utility CVT ATVS QUAD BIKE.
3). CHILI 330 is perfect rent ATV with automatic transmission.
4). PEDA ATV CHILI ATV series also include,
–X Super 200, L7e EEC EURO5 COC utility ATV with rear double suspension differential
–X Power 250, L7e EEC EURO 5 COC Sport ATV with rear double suspension differential
–Dragon 125, 125cc kids ATV
–100% electric ATV for adult and kids coming soon

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